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I am an explorer. When will I receive confirmation of the start of the tour ?
Confirmation of the start of the tour will be sent by sms or by electronic post when 5 participants have been added to the tour. From this point on the tour is considered confirmed and every following additional participant is confirmed immediately. Please note that closing application for the tour is at the discretion of the guide.
I am an explorer. How will I know how much to pay if this depends on the number of participants?
You will know this at the start of the tour. To start with you have the guarantee of an adaptable tariff because if there are too few participants, the tour will not take place. Ideally we would never want to charge more than 8-10 euros per person /hour of the tour. The mechanism of decreasing pricing which we apply is based on progressive decrease : the adaptable tariff is lowered every time a new grade is reached.
I am an explorer. There are at least five subscribers : The tour is confirmed. When do I pay?
You will pay only at the start of the tour. It is the only time in which the tariff can be determined. Other reservations can, in fact, still be added up to the last minute and these new reservations can further lower the entry fee.
I am an explorer. I have an emergency and can no longer take part. Is it possible to cancel a reservation prior to the start of a tour ?
If the tour has not yet been confirmed, you can cancel partipation by writing to
I am a guide. How is my relationship with Guido arranged?
Guido is a computer service bringing into direct contact the guide and visitors. It is not an agency or a tour operator but a logistics tool to guide you. We collect online the subscriptions of the participants which are then sent by bank transfer to the guide at the departure of the tour.
I am a guide. How do I handle the relationship with the visitors?
All logistical communications (booking tours, confirmation, cancellation) are dealt with through our system. However, formal, legal, and billing are exactly the same as those of a typical ordinary operator of private tours.
I am a guide. I am unfortunately indisposed. Is it possible to cancel a confirmed tour which is already entered in the calendar ?
You can cancel the tour directly on your profile page or write to:
I am a guide. How will I know if the tour is confirmed ?
As soon as you have formed a group of at least 5 partecipants you got a notice via SMS/email. The closing time for entering is at your own discretion.
I am a guide. What is the commission which Guido takes on my show ?
Guido does not take commission on the whole sum of your tour. What you asked for is what you get. Further, earnings increase according to a system of blocks which take into account the number of partecipants who have joined the tour. The more visitors you have, the more earnings you will have.
I am an explorer. Who is my guide?
Your guide is a professional guide, a champion of cultural or natural heritage, a story-teller without equal who knows by heart his art and his territory ! Your guide could be a Licensed Tourist Guide or a Licensed Mountain Guide, according to the theme of the visit which you have chosen. At the same time, he is a bon vivant and does his utmost to make cultural and natural heritage as accessible as possible.
I am an explorer. Who pays for the snack at the pub?
The pub visit is a time of fellowship at the end of the tour. It is open for whoever wishes to meet together afterwards and who wants to make new friends. Participation is optional and everyone is free to eat and drink at their own expense. And so, unless specified by the guide on the tactics board, each person will pay for their own food and drinks extra. This will not be included in the cost of the guided tour.
I am an explorer. Can I earn anything by introducing other explorers like myself?
Certainly, you can introduce new people to Guido and earn a small royalty upon the confirmed booking of those you have introduced to our service. Register on and use your personalised link to spread the word and monetize or use the credit to take part in a new tour!
I am a private or public tourist facility. Can I adopt Guido as a service?
Adopt us ! Write to us at to find out what solution we have thought of for you. We want to equip you with an innovative instrument to make you a protagonist together with us in promoting the culture of our beautiful country and to make guided tours a popular sport for all.